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CGI Test Program Usage

The Visual Basic 3.0 run time DLL that came with your Quarterdeck WebServer system must be installed to run these test programs.This DLL (VBRUN300.DLL) should have been installed into your Windows System directory as part of the WebServer installation process.

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The CGI test program is a Visual Basic application that returns dynamically generated documents which report on various aspects of the CGI interface. It also serves as an example of using the Visual Basic CGI interface that is included with the server.

To generate a particular report, add "extra path information" to the URL. The test program interprets this as a "selector" for the report and returns the selected report. The valid selectors are:

Reports the values of the CGI/1.1 variables as passed by the server to the back-end.
Reports the MIME Accept: types and any "extra" headers that were received from your browser.
Use this on a URL that is the target for a Mosaic form. It reports the keywords and fully decoded contents of each of your form's fields.
This causes a short document to be returned directly from the Visual Basic program to your browser, without interpretation by the server. This is an illustration of the server's "transparent return" feature.
Empty - no extra path
Causes this document to be returned by sending a one-line response from the test program to the server that consists of "Location: /cgitest.htm". In other words, a URL with "cgitest.exe" as the target gives usage information.



If your browser supports forms, you should see a form below. Fill it out and choose the Submit button. The form's ACTION option is:


The "search on" field supports multiple selections. Try it and see how the server handles decoding it. Here is the form:

Employee Locator Search on (multiple)


the following:


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